Large Hibiscus Flower .925 Sterling Silver Bangles

Large Hibiscus Flower .925 Sterling Silver Bangles

  • $170.00

We have a brand new style of our famous West Indian bangles for your viewing and wearing pleasure!

Stylish and sleek, sterling silver West Indian Bangles are immensely popular. The bangles are expertly carved and chiseled with intricate designs, bursting with mysterious tribal style, as the eye is drawn to the jagged lines and seductive curves.

- This pair features the beautiful Large Hibiscus Ends!

- This pair weighs approximately 49 grams.

- Our new flat band is thin but sturdy. The band is about 4.5mm wide.

- The large hibiscus ends are about 1" wide.

- Stock size 8 but it can be made from sizes 6-10. Please message us if your preferred size is not listed.

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