Choosing the Perfect West Indian Sterling Silver Bangles for the Occasion

For centuries, West Indian sterling silver bangles have been a popular choice for jewelry lovers. From the lightweight and comfortable 2mm bangle to the statement-making 5mm bangle, there's something for everyone in this collection of stunning pieces. Whether you're looking for an everyday accessory or something special for a night out on the town, let's take a look at what each type of bangle has to offer.

2mm Bangles

These bangles are lightweight and comfortable to wear and perfect for those with small wrists. Signature designs include fist bangles, cocoa pod bangles, and elegant pointed ends bangles. They look elegant and give off an understated vibe that is perfect for everyday wear. 

sterling silver bangles

Better Jewelry Elegant Pointed Ends Bangles

Make any look complete with a set of Sterling Silver Elegant Bangles.

  • Handmade in Downtown Brooklyn
  • The weight is 27 grams

 With their intricate designs and classic metalwork, this pair is perfect for both casual wear or a special occasion. Whether you give them as a gift or keep them for yourself, the recipient is sure to love these beautiful bangles! 

3mm Bangles

These are the perfect size if you want something with a bit more weight but still want something that can be worn alone. Signature designs of sterling silver bangles include pyramid bangles, leaf bangles, and Nefertiti bangles. They look great when paired with other accessories and make a bold statement without being too over the top. 

sterling silver bangles
sterling silver bangles

4mm Bangles

These are perfect if you’re looking for something that makes a statement! Signature designs include thick pyramid bangles, spear ends bangles, which are both heavy and thick - definitely not shy pieces! They make bold statements and are sure to turn heads wherever you go!  

Better Jewelry Spear Ends Sterling Silver Bangles

Add an elegant touch to any ensemble with a pair of Sterling Silver West Indian Bangles 

  • Handmade in Downtown Brooklyn
  • The weight is 80 grams

This set features intricate, vibrant designs that capture the eye and provide a unique look that is sure to attract compliments. Gift them to someone you love or keep them for yourself - either way, this timeless piece will bring you joy for years to come! 

5mm Bangles

These are full-on statement pieces - they’re heavy, durable, and make an impact! Signature designs include oblong shaped frames on one side of the bangle with intricate design work on the other side- making them really stand out from the crowd! Perfect if you want to make sure all eyes are on you! 

sterling silver bangles
sterling silver bangles

Whether you’re looking for something light enough to wear every day or something big enough to make a statement at your next event, Better Jewelry has got it all when it comes to West Indian Bangles. With signature designs ranging from elegant pointed ends to bold oblong shapes with intricate design work – there’s definitely something here that will suit your style! So why not take some time today to explore Better Jewelry’s selection of West Indian Bangles? You won't regret it!

Sterling Silver Bangles

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