Queen Nefertiti .925 Sterling Silver West Indian Bangles (Pair)


Queen Nefertiti .925 Sterling Silver West Indian Bangles (Pair)
  • $60.00

Stylish and sleek, West Indian Bangles are timeless classics.

So many of our customers rejoice upon finding these bangles, saying that they remind them of their childhood, bringing back memories of days long swept away. Mothers give them to daughters, passing on more than just silver bracelets, but a piece of their past. Moreover, they look great on the wrist!

The bangles are carved with a snake-skin like design. The ends are the true starting point for these seductive bangles, and these feature the powerful and beautiful Queen Nefertiti. 

She is perhaps the perfect symbol for these bangles, which convey confidence, freedom and a sense of history. These solid .925 sterling silver bangles are hand-crafted and semi-flexible, so they can be expanded to fit larger wrist sizes. Traditionally, these are worn in pairs. "

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